Obituaries and Personal Notices

Obituaries or personal notices about natives of Tiree published in British or overseas newspapers, in many cases with added background notes about the subject person and family sourced from church and civil records. To download an entry click on its No. in the table below.

No. Newspaper Year Subject
1. The Times, London 1867 A collection of articles in British newspapers in memory of Captain Donald MacKinnon (1826-1867), captain of the Taeping.
2. Sydney Morning Herald 1887 Death notice: Jessie Hughes (nee Campbell), born Tiree 1834.
3. Sydney Morning Herald 1891 Death notice: Jane Campbell, born Tiree 1828
4. Sydney Morning Herald 1912 Death notice: Niel Campbell, born Tiree 1832
5. Sydney Morning Herald 1901 Death notice: Captain Archibald McLean, born Tiree 1821
6. Sydney Morning Herald 1910 Funeral notice: Dr Archibald Campbell
7. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW) 1921 Wedding: Euphemia McKechnie, born Tiree 1881
8. Morning Herald 1933 Silver wedding: Hugh Colquhoun, born Tiree 1873.
9. Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld) 1947 Obituary: Donald Brown, born Tiree 1864.
10. The Advertiser (Adelaide) 1937 Obituary: Charles Nicol Macquarie, born Tiree 1861.
11. Gippsland Times (Victoria) 1883 Obituary: John Campbell, born Tiree 1815.